Dining at Pinnacle Hills Promenade

slice of veggie pizza on white circular plate
slice of veggie pizza on white circular plate

Take a break at Pinnacle Hills Promenade

Whether it's an afternoon snack, a hot cup of coffee or a relaxing meal with friends or family, take a break to recharge, refuel and indulge in a variety of dining options.

Sit Down Restaurants

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Twin Peaks Restaurant logo
Twin Peaks Restaurant Level 1, near Outparcel
Twin Peaks is about you, because YOU’RE THE MAN! What guy doesn’t crave incredibly tasty house-made comfort food? Or draft beer so cold that ice crystals form in the mug? Or his favorite sports on state-of-the-art flat screens in a woodsy mountain lodge setting? Twin Peaks has all of that – and to top it off, it’s all offered up by our most prized assets: the friendly, attentive, and beautiful Twin Peaks Girls. Your adventure starts here! Game, on!
Local Lime logo
Local Lime Level 1, near Dillard's


Big Orange Burgers logo
Big Orange Burgers Level 1, near Pottery Barn

Snacks & Drinks

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Savoy Tea Co.                            logo
Savoy Tea Co. Level 1, near Malco Theatre
Alchemy Macarons logo
Alchemy Macarons Level 1, near Malco Theatre